About SunStrike

Pat, Joe & Jill the SunStrike gang

Pat, Joe & Jill, the SunStrike Gang

We decided to pool our efforts, our dogs and our expertise to breed under the SunStrike name. Sunnyside was Jill's kennel name and Pat and Joe were Goldstrike. Together, of course, we are SunStrike. It's so much more fun to share our dogs than to just do our own thing!

We strive for the best show quality possible but our primary emphasis is on health, longevity and temperament. We do not breed very often, only when we intend to keep a puppy or if we feel that we need to add to our line. Potential owners of our future SunStrike babies will be heavily interviewed. There is a questionnaire (only available when we have pups) for potential puppy owners that will have to be filled out before anything gets too serious.

Whenever possible, most SunStrike Danes are handled either by our good friend, and handler/trainer extraordinaire, Julie Rock, or one of her daughters, either Brianne or Christina. Both are all breed handlers and highly recommended by ourselves!

Jill Swedlow

Jill in one of her favorite situations.  Being mobbed by a bunch of pups!

I established Sunnyside Great Danes in 1972 and have bred or co-bred  over 35 champions since then with very limited breeding. My oldest Dane lived to 12 years and many have made it into the double digits.

I began judging Great Danes in 1995. The highlight of my career, to date, was being asked to judge bitches and Juniors at the 2002 GDCA National Specialty! I have also judged in Canada, Finland, New Zealand and Australia. What adventure I've found through my dogs! To say nothing of the wonderful friends I've made!  I have traveled to Africa five times and visited Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe and the Republic of South Africa.  

I have written 3 books on Great Danes. The best one, in my opinion, is "The Great Dane, Model of Nobility" which was recently updated and republished with the title "Living With Great Danes".

Four of my bitches and I were honored by being part of the Animal Planet's "Breed All About It" television program several years ago.

Besides the Danes, I used to raise Miniature Horses and have had riding horses most of my life. I also have an African Gray Parrot named Cosby. I am a computer nerd, love gardening, photography and travel.  I am a member of the Great Dane Club of America and the Great Dane Club of California . My Danes and I live in the beautiful mountain community of Oak Glen.   Photos of my travels: (pending)

Joe and Pat McGoldrick

From left to right, Pat, Cami, Sky, Zoe & Joe
after a hard day of showing, lounging in the motor home

We are active members of the Great Dane Club of America and of the Great Dane Club of Arizona, of which Pat is a board member and Membership Chairman.

We have owned and loved Great Danes since 1976. We began exhibiting and breeding Great Danes in 1996, with the help, guidance and patience of our mentor, friend and now partner Jill Swedlow. Jill placed in our hands a precious gift. This was my foundation bitch, Ch. Sunnyside Ginger Gold, CGC, who was the dam of my second Goldstrike litter. From that litter we kept Scarlett, BISS Ch. Goldstrike's Lady In Red, CD, CGC, AOM, TDIA, VA, ROM.  Scarlett was a Top Twenty Dane for 2001 and 2002 and has earned multiple obedience, performance and therapy dog titles. She was also a founding member of The Arizona Great Dane Drill Team with whom she performed regularly. One of the highlights of these performances was at the 2002 GDCA National Specialty Show!

Our goals are, and will continue to be, to contribute quality Great Danes with soundness of mind and body to the breed, and to educate those who are new to the breed in hopes of ensuring a stable future for all Great Danes.

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